Fall Styled Shoot

in Oct 3, 2019

Fall is in the air so we teamed up with an incredible group of ladies to put together a beautiful styled shoot! Scroll down to see the list of everyone involved and the amazing photos by Renee Kristine Photography!

Participating Businesses:
Jolie Occasions (clothing)
Paper Betty (paper goods)
The Cheesecake Girl (cheesecake)
Bailey Thorpe (makeup artist)
Table set-up and decor was a group effort by everyone involved!
    Early wake-up call for us to get everything ready for this shoot!
    Photo featuring Brittany Hawley (Paper Betty), Samantha Strange (The Cheesecake Girl) and myself!
    How beautiful is this set up!? Trader Joe's has the most gorgeous flowers that are very affordable! All of the treats pictured were made by The Cheesecake Girl!
    Our stunning models! Michaela, Julia, Tenika, and Sierra.
    Menu sign, display stand, and macramé all made by the Paper Betty!
    Tenika & Sierra
    Cheesecake by The Cheesecake Girl
    Quick touch ups! 
    There we go :) How beautiful do they look? Bailey Thorpe did all of their makeup!
    Copper mugs for apple cider :)
    Julia & Tenika at the drink stand! Signature drink sign and display by the Paper Betty.
    Loving all of the displays!
    Name cards made by Paper Betty.
    Michaela in our wrap dress and hat.
    Sierra in our sweater, scarf, and jewelry.
    Tenika in our sweater, scarf, hat & accessories.
    Julia in our sweater and accessories
    Tenika & Michaela
    This field was the perfect backdrop for our shoot!
    How cute is Brittany (Paper Betty) in our hat :)
    The gals behind each business! They are so hardworking and talented and I feel so lucky to get to work with them and also call them my friends! <3

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